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Instead of socialism, we need to go in the opposite direction: we need Diversity of Thought in our government officials. When society is able to put seemingly disparate things together, take peanut butter and chocolate, or public-private partnerships, or Ford teaming with GM to build 50,000 ventilators for the COVID-19 outbreak, for example, then we as a society benefit. Creative solutions result. Someone had to have diversity of thought, or at least, think outside the box. Because of my broad and diverse background, I bring that ability to connect disparate items together, to get a new solution.

Donna Bergstrom for MN State Senate

Bergstrom announced her intentions to enter the race for the Duluth State Senate seat for District 7. “Instead of moving toward socialism in this state, where government decisions are made by a few, elite individuals, we need to move in the opposite direction. We need to promote, welcome and seek those who come from broad and diverse backgrounds; those who will bring a diversity of thought to the government decision making process. I have those qualifications.”

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